Honda Point Pvt. Limited, since 2006
An authorized 3S Dealer of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd. in Lahore, Pakistan

We have been aggressively engaged in the auto business and have been awarded various awards over the years. Our partnership with Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited is driven by a genuine belief and desire to optimize customer care and cater for the automotive needs of its customers.

The Sales & Marketing department is run by some very experienced sales staff and supported by the latest software. Furthermore, separate staff has been dedicated to cater for corporate needs.

We are equipped with the most technologically advanced, state of the art machinery in the automotive industry and our Parts Department carries only genuine Honda parts. With the assistance of the latest computer analyzing system our trained technicians are focused on maintaining / repairing the customers vehicles at the earliest convenience. Being a service oriented company our main focus is on customer satisfaction and we go to any extent to satisfy them.

Moreover, we give much emphasis on staff training and Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited offers comprehensive training facilities to all technicians. Hence the phrase, "no one knows your Honda better than your Honda Dealer!"

  • Business Experience
    With over 14 years of experience, we believe in providing top services to our valued customers.
  • Quality
    Our services and products have a reputation for reliability and durability.
  • Safety
    We see the safety of our employees and customers as one of the most vital aspects of our business.

Our Team